23 June 2012

Estelle Dévé.

Ahhh the glorious Estelle Dévé. We already all love her because she was born in France. And everyone knows that it's not just rumour and hearsay that French women are cool. Because Charlotte Gainsbourg told me it was true. 

Dévé's jewellery is inspired by the earth, literally. Geology, palaeontology and the ocean all appear to be influences on the texture and aesthetic of her work. It reminds you that gold and silver are natural elements. Which sounds pretty stupid, but THINK ABOUT IT.                                                                                            

10 June 2012


YES. Oh yes. Finally, after idiotically selecting USPS standard airmail on the shipping page of Nastygal, the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots of my dreams finally arrived. I wore them all day running around the office on Friday, and they served me well. Although they make my feet feel so gigantic I kept tripping over rails of bags.

01 June 2012

RCA Fashion Show 2012

On Wednesday I had the honour of supporting my fellow students by attending the Royal College of Art MA Womenswear, Womenswear Millinery, Fashion Knitwear and Menswear postgraduate shows. Some particularly brilliant collections came from Trine Hav Christensen, Hannah Morgan, Rebecca Thomson and Rachel Chan. I am graduating amongst some absolutely brilliant talents, many of whom have already been snatched up by internationally renowned design houses and ateliers. A huge congratulations to you guys.