29 April 2012

sunday inspiration.

Ducks and geese have taken over London, which has basically become a giant pond over the past week. No really, I can literally see one swimming in a puddle in the park outside my window. Thus, I'm staying inside and dreaming of my dream home. Which would be some kind of amalgamation of Lou Doillon's and Erin Wasson's. But mostly I would like it to look like Takeharu Hirakawa's. I think my love of Lou Doillon and Erin Wasson is based mainly on their hair though.

[images from Todd Selby's The Selby is in Your Place]

21 April 2012

today I wish I was wearing.

Yup, it's a greed/consumption post. But hey, we're part of a capitalist society baby. I'm just a product of the machine.

Or something like that.

19 April 2012

Bruce Weber for British Vogue April 2012.

Below is a glimpse of the absolutely beautiful shoot by Bruce Weber in this month's Vogue. He's so all American; you can actually feel the Florida sunshine in this shoot. His images always feel like you've been allowed into some intimate gathering of friends or family, where the clothes become a natural, seamless part of his seductive narrative.

A thought.

‘Namely that human beings are ordinarily far more alike than they are unalike, that most of the time we can communicate with each other, and that the recognition of mutual worth, dignity, and essential similarity imposes restrictions on how we can behave if we wish to act justly.’
- Paul Gilroy