26 May 2012

Rei Kawakubo | Dover Street Market | Comme des Garçons

"I want to create a kind of market where various creators from various fields gather together and encounter each other in an ongoing atmosphere of beautiful chaos: the mixing up and coming together of different kindred souls who all share a strong personal vision."Rei Kawakubo on DSM

Rei, I bow down to you. You have brought us the inimitable Comme des Garçons and created the universe's greatest retail experience in the form of Dover Street Market. Your influence has spawned likes of  LN-CC and Maison Martin Margiela. What can I say? You are my god.

22 May 2012

Tank Magazine.

Some freaking great editorial in the Spring 2012 issue of Tank Magazine.

19 May 2012

today is an ombre floral day.

[Topshop Boutique leather jacket | H&M ombre floral trousers | Maison Martin Margiela rose gold rings | Alexander Wang Rafael bag | Acne low rider boots]

17 May 2012

double the awesomeness.

What can I say? I'm in a collaging mood.

some things that are fairly awesome.

[Clockwise from left: image from Stockholm Street Style | Balenciaga boots | Burberry Prorsum platforms | Pamela Love rings | Pandora Lennard's amazing Virgin Mary nails]

This shit makes my Thursday much better. 

16 May 2012

new in.

I got this amazing shirt in H&M today. You could probably set the fabric on fire just by looking at it, but I'll just steer clear of naked flames/cigarettes/very warm lightbulbs/the sun. Although their fabrics are always the worst kind of polyester, H&M are damn brilliant at stealing beautiful style details from the catwalk: see Louis Vuitton's collar above.

Jeffrey Campbell.

Got these babies at Urban Outfitters today. The textured leather is glorious, and I'm obsessed with anything that looks like it could be considered Japanese Lolita/gothic. I think they will be pure perfection with black jeans and a black tee and rows of small silver hoops in my ears. And they'll make me taller. So maybe I'll clear the heads of 8 year old children in them.

09 May 2012

down and out in Shoreditch and Hoxton.

[Topshop Mohair coat | vintage polka dot shirt | Asos necklace | Alexander Wang Rafael bag | Acne low rider boots]

08 May 2012

the month of may.

I sincerely doubt the surreptitious 'hospital' graffiti before my foot was signage. If you're at all familiar with the contemporary urban railway station footbridge, you'll know that the only medical-related facility you might find here is a discarded hypodermic syringe.  That is all. 

However, I am enjoying the slight hospital scrubs feel of this H&M trench. 

[H&M trend trench | Alexander Wang Rafael bag | Zara floral trousers | Acne low rider boots]

05 May 2012

brothel creepers and burgers.

[H&M Trend leather and wool jacket | Cos lime jumper | Alexander Wang Rafael bag | Underground Wulfrun creepers]

Today involved a first trip to the utterly amazing Meat Liquor. The queue to get in was about 40 minutes but the wait was completely worth it. Housed in an old strip joint, the owners of this burger and cocktail haven kept all the original furnishings and decor. The result is the perfect mixture of the seedy, the gothic and the burlesque. We chose the 'dead hippie' burger, onion rings, and multiple cocktails. All of which were incredible. And who doesn't enjoy listening to Marilyn Manson whilst they eat?  am already dreaming of when I can go back.

03 May 2012

Hans-Peter Feldmann.

...is the dude whose exhibition I went to see today at the Serpentine Gallery. To be honest, it was quite mental. But to be even more honest, that's why I really liked it. Feldmann makes things in series, or photographs things as a series, so the whole space was like some sort of well-organised plinth-based kitschy junk shop belonging to a criminally insane person. The pleasure of the whole experience was how aware it made me of how much I love looking. Apparently, so does Feldmann. That's why I like the Serpentine, though. They never drown their exhibitions in dry, pedagogical interpretative material. Instead they curate mostly brilliant shows where the art does the talking. Thumbs remaining resolutely up.

02 May 2012

new in.

[Asos necklace | Beyond Retro waistcoat]

When it's been raining non stop for over a week, the only logical solution is to get something Mexican-esque and jazzy in your life. I found this gem of a waistcoat in Beyond Retro when I was (unsuccessfully) rummaging for a rather more sensible blue-grey wool jacket of some sort. I plan to break this baby out over a leather biker jacket. It must be said, I'm a sucker for anything made out of carpet and/or that could conceivably have been worn by Ricky in My So-Called Life (see below).